How to make your invoices look professional

Issuing professionally formatted quotations and invoices is an often overlooked way to create a positive image for your small business. If you do it right your quotes and invoices can instill trust in your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Look and feel

You don’t need to be a designer to make a correctly laid out invoice with correctly formatted logo, colours and layout to match. Search the internet for examples of how professionally formatted invoices look or invest in software or a system to automatically generate these invoices for you. A lot of web-based services will allow you to create invoices free of charge while some charge a nominal monthly or once-off fee.

Necessary fields

Whether you are creating tax or non-tax invoices it is vital to have all required fields present on the quote or invoice. If you are issuing tax invoices check your local tax regulations to make sure that all legally required fields appear.

Orthographic accuracy

Don’t you just hate it when you get an invoice where the issuer has spelt your name or address incorrectly? Worse still is if there are spelling mistakes in product or service descriptions that appear on it. Incorrect spelling on invoices can go a long way to harm the image of your business. Almost all systems, applications, programs and software have a spell check function – use it.

Follow the three easy steps above and you will be well on your way to sorting out your invoicing software!

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Recommended software section launching soon!

Check out the recommended software section for outstanding tried and tested invoicing software.

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New additions to the invoicing software list

Check out the list of invoicing software i have compiled below. I will be adding more systems in the coming months at at reader request so please drop me a line to give your suggestions and feedback.

For now check out the list of systems below if you are looking for invoicing software for your business.

Have I missed any?

If you have developed or use invoicing software that is not on the list, please send me an email so I can update the list.

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Welcome to the invoicing software blog!

I’d like to welcome all my readers to the Invoicing Software blog!  The invoicing software blog will be bringing you information about invoicing systems, their implementation, how to choose one and how to get the most out of yours.

What is invoicing software?

Invoicing software usually requires some form of purchase, download and installation. Along with the basic invoicing software I have included in this list I have also added software that offers more accounting type features (while still retaining the ability to generate and send quotes and invoices).

Invoicing software generally allows you to work offline, allowing you the ability to install software on a specific device and use it without having to access the internet. Data backup and storage is usually done offline on your own device. Some invoicing software does integrate an online connection to facilitate correspondence and electronic billing.

As mentioned in my list of invoicing software, in depth knowledge about invoicing software is not something that I am burdened with. Having only ever used online billing and invoicing systems I definitely have a bit of a blind spot when it comes to more traditional invoicing software. That being said there are a host of leading software providers who are offering cutting edge, downloadable invoicing software that will impress even the most hardened online invoicing system user.

I’m going to be relying rather heavily on my readers to suggest the best software, free downloads and value for money services, so please drop me a mail if you have any comments or suggestions. I will post my list of invoicing software shortly and will be updating and adding to this list in the coming months.

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Invoicing software articles coming soon!

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